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Custom Cray toolchains

EasyBuild Cray and CPE toolchains have been created to address the Cray PE on different Cray systems.

Cray toolchains were designed for the Cray PE on the Cray XC system, while the CPE toolchains targeted specifically the Cray PE on the Cray EX system.

As of Cray PE 21.04 though, the difference between the Cray PE on the XC and the EX systems is not relevant any longer, since they rely both on PrgEnv meta-modules.

Nonetheless, the versions of the CPE components that come with a Cray PE release might change depending on the target system, therefore a different external metadata file is required:

Furthermore, different easyconfig files might be needed to build the same software on the two systems even with the same Cray PE, therefore the maintainers would need to provide anyway two versions of the easyconfig file.

Cray Toolchains

EasyBuild supports Cray systems as of version 2.7.0, enabling building and installing software using the Programming Environment modulefiles provided by Cray.

The EasyBuild Cray toolchains currently supported in the GitHub repository are the following ones:

  • CrayCCE
  • CrayGNU
  • CrayIntel
  • CrayPGI

Each Cray toolchain comes with a version matching the corresponding Cray Development Toolkit (CDT) modulefile on the Cray XC system.

Therefore, the toolchain will load the corresponding Cray Programming Environment, together with the compiler, the Cray MPICH library and the Cray mathematical library with versions matching the definition of the CDT.

Please note that the toolchains follow the naming convention of the Cray Programming Environment, that is released on a monthly basis: as a consequence, the version of the toolchain modules has the format YY.MM (two digits for the year, two digits for the month).

CPE Toolchains

The CPE toolchains were created initially to match the modules of the Cray EX system up to Cray PE 21.03:

  • cpe-cray
  • cpe-aocc
  • cpe-gnu
  • cpe-intel

As of CPE 21.04 though, the Cray PE of the Cray EX system features PrgEnv meta-modules too, therefore the difference with respect to the standard Cray toolchain has disappeared.

The CPE toolchains are defined by the custom easyblock

KNOWN_PRGENVS = ['PrgEnv-aocc', 'PrgEnv-cray', 'PrgEnv-gnu', 'PrgEnv-intel']

The file is available in the CSCS production repository on GitHub, that is also mirrored under the EasyBuilders GitHub project at

CPE Compilers

The CPE toolchains rely on specific files of the local EasyBuild framework:

The first one will look for the custom compiler, while the other ones are compatible with the compilers defined by the Cray toolchains initially defined on the XC system.

The custom toolchains above will look for the file supporting the Cray PE compiler drivers.

Please note that as well as the custom easyblock, the custom files are available in the toolchains and the compiler folders of the CSCS production repository on GitHub.

Target Architecture

The module craype-<target> matching the target architecture must be specified using the EasyBuild flag --optarch.

E.g.: --optarch=x86-rome results in modulecraype-x86-rome` being loaded in the build environment used by EasyBuild.

You can also export this option as a shell variable. Example for AMD EPYC 7742 ("Rome"):

export $EASYBUILD_OPTARCH=x86-rome

The definition of the correct module to load with the --optarch is also given by the environment variable CRAY_CPU_TARGET: this variable is defined as well by the corresponding module craype-<target>, already available at the login.


The custom EasyBuild modulefile used on CSCS systems will look for CRAY_CPU_TARGET to define --optarch, therefore users are strongly discouraged from purging the modules already available at login on the system

Easyconfig for custom toolchains

The easyconfig files of the current default custom toolchains were using a footer to address two issues that have been fixed in the latest EasyBuild release 4.4.0.

Therefore, when using the latest EasyBuild release one could write a much shorter easyconfig file for the custom toolchains.

For instance, the cpeGNU custom toolchain easyconfig file would like the following:

# Compiler toolchain for Cray EX Programming Environment GNU compiler (cpe-gnu)
easyblock = 'cpeToolchain'

name = 'cpeGNU'
version = "21.04"

homepage = ''
description = """Toolchain using Cray compiler wrapper with gcc module (CPE release: %s).\n""" % version

toolchain = SYSTEM

dependencies = [
   ('cpe/%(version)s', EXTERNAL_MODULE),
   ('PrgEnv-gnu', EXTERNAL_MODULE)

The meta-module cpe will ensure that the additional modules loaded by a user will be compatible with the default CPE selected.

The advantage of the approach is to avoid pinning directly the versions of CPE components in the custom toolchain definitions.

Of course the maintainers could also decide to pin directl the version of each CPE component in the easyconfig, however this approach is less easy to fit in an automated pipeline for updating recipes when new CPEs are installed.

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Last update: June 18, 2021